The people of Bismarck-Mandan Unitarian Universalist Congregation are a diverse group, dedicated to community, love, and purpose, committed to transforming ourselves and changing the world.

Please join us at an upcoming service! You will find:

  • A vibrant and caring community
  • Connection to our accepting congregants
  • Services that are intellectually and spiritually grounded
  • A vital religious education program which helps our children develop their spiritual curiosity, love, and purpose in the wider world.

We look forward to your visit!

Contact Us

Bismarck-Mandan Unitarian Universalist Congregation
818 E. Divide Avenue
Mail: P.O. Box 297
Bismarck, North Dakota 58502
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Phone 701-223-6788

Regular Schedule

Office Hours
  • Receptionist Hours: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM,  Monday - Friday

    Minister hours: Karen Van Fossan is in everyday except Mondays. Stop in or call first, just in case she's in a meeting.

  • 1st Service
    – 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
  • Treats, Coffee and Conversation
    – 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
  • 2nd Service
    – 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
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    Sunday Services

    We offer two Sunday Services: 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM with time to visit and have snacks in between. See below for details on upcoming service. 

    During our 10:30 AM service, children ages 0-9 to participate in quality Religious Education activities that teach UU values. Youth ages 10+ participate in the entire Sunday service and attend our Heartbeats intercultural youth group on Wednesday nights. All are welcome!


  • Winter Holiday Variety Show

    Sunday, Dec. 16 at 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM
    Speakers: UU Youth and Children 

    Children and youth are at the heart of our UU community, and this is their chance to shine! From music to art to theatrical performance, this service will celebrate the cycles of the year, as we approach the longest night of the year. Join us for good cheer – and maybe a surprise or two.

  • Taizé Service: Welcoming Winter Solstice

    Sunday, Dec. 23 at 10:30 AM & 12:30 PM
    Speakers: Karen Larrivee, Rev. Karen Van Fossan, and Friends

    Help us honor winter solstice – the presence of the dark and the return of the light – in this special Taizé service. Taizé services are both engaging and meditative, originating in the ecumenical monastic community in Taizé, France. A Taizé service has periods of singing, meditations/prayers, readings, and silence. There are no sermons, and the intention is to develop a meditative rhythm within the collective space, removing the barriers of the world in much the same way as a mantra or a meditative walk along the river.

  • Christmas Eve Service

    Monday, Dec. 24 at 7 PM
    Speakers: Elicia Faul, Rev. Karen Van Fossan, & Friends 

    All are welcome to join us for an evening of Christmas songs, holiday sharing, a warm fire, and hot apple cider. Feel free to bring family, friends, a memory, a snack, or just yourself. All ages are welcome!

  • Movie and Massage

    Sunday, Dec. 30 at 11:00 AM
    Speakers: Claire Lowstuter & Friends
    (One service today. Please note new time.) 

    Back by popular demand! Start the year with a refreshing movie and an invigorating massage. We will gather with popcorn, juice, a warm fire, a movie for ALL ages, and brief massage for those who wish. Special thanks to Elicia Faul, licensed massage therapist. (Free will donations to Elicia would be gratefully accepted. Movie TBA.) We've gotten some great requests for movies to watch together. Please bring a favorite DVD, and we can decide together what to enjoy. All ages are welcome!

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    Thank You from the Stew-ardship Team

    It is with great gratitude that the STEW-arship Committee thanks those who have turned in their 2019 pledge cards! We remind those who have not yet pledged that you can still do so by giving your pledge card to the office manager, the Rev. Karen, or any Board member. We are truly all in this together, and it is wonderful to be a part of the enormous generosity this congregation shows on a regular basis in so many ways. 

    The amount currently pledged for 2019, along with funds not spent in 2018 that will carry over to 2019, covers the 2019 budget needs defined by the Board. However, we continue to receive pledges for a number of reasons. First, it is a blessing for each of us to be part of a larger whole and we don’t want to limit that opportunity for procrastinators or anyone else! Second, your Board uses all funds to responsibly advance the needs of the congregation. When more funds are available, it allows the Board to pursue “stretch goals” – things that move us forward in ways we did not expect to be able to do – or carry over funds for the following year. In other words, ALL monies pledged are important, no matter when they are pledged. You have been amazing yet again in coming together to move our congregation forward – thank you again!

    Please contact Colleen Reinke, pledge drive chairperson, at 701.400.4748 or cjreinke@gmail.com with any questions — or to make a pledge if you haven’t yet had the chance to do so. Thank you again!


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    Local UU Events

  • Ornament and New Clothing Drive through December 23

    We are blessed to share community with Bea Ramadhani and her family, who recently joined us from a refugee camp in Uganda. To help the family celebrate Christmas, your UU Caring Team invites you to bring in ornaments for their tree – as well as new (or very gently used) stylish clothing. Their sizes are: women's large (14-16), men's large, two men's medium, and women's small (size 14-16 girls). Please include receipts – in case we need to switch sizes or styles. If you'd like to make a cash donation, please share it directly with Megan Carranza, coordinator of the drive.

    For info, contact Megan Carranza at 701.516.7562 or megan.carranza@yahoo.com. Thank you for your generosity and support! Check back for updates and emerging special requests.

  • Heartbeats November & December 2018

    Our intercultural teen/tween program, Heartbeats, will meet on Wednesdays this month from 5:30 to 8:00 PM. All teens and tweens are welcome!

    *Sunday Dec. 16: UU Variety Show - Showcasing the Youth

    Learn about world traditions. Experience diversity and unity. Connect, build relationships, EAT, and have fun!

    For info, contact our minister, Karen Van Fossan, at minister@bismanuu.org or 701.223.6788.


  • Social Action Working Group
    Wednesday, Dec. 19 (3rd Wed)
    5:15 PM

    Our Social Action Working Group provides leadership for the congregation and larger community on social justice initiatives. For many of us, social justice engagement is crucial to our spiritual lives.
    Contact Don Morrison, Social Action Working Group chair, at 701.527.0060 if you'd like more info. All are welcome.
  • Welcoming Beatrice and Family from Congo & Uganda

    We are honored to welcome Beatrice and family to Bismarck and our congregation! It's a blessing to share community and work together to build a more peaceful world.



  • UU Parents/Mentors/Teachers Meeting

    Wednesday, Jan. 3 2019 at 5:15 PM
    BMUU Church
    818 E. Divide Ave.

    Join us at the UU where we'll discuss childcare, upcoming teaching opportunities, as well as anything else the group would like to discuss.

    All parents, guardians, teachers, and mentors are welcome!

  • Cannonball Fire

    Huge thank you to everyone who donated food, bedding, clothing, food cards, gas cards, home furnishings, and more to the family who lost their home to a fire in Cannonball! No more supplies are currently needed, but we'll let your know if a particular need emerges.

  • Little Free Pantry

    Donations of non-perishable items are needed and greatly appreciated! Please drop off food supplies at Sunday services, by the front door of the UU during the week, or directly in the Pantry anytime. Thank you!

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    Local Community Events

  • Blue Christmas Service

    Tuesday, Dec. 18 at 7 PM
    Heart River Lutheran Church 

    We have accepted the invitation from Heart River Lutheran Church to participate in the annual "Blue Christmas" service. Blue Christmas services create sacred space where people can come to lament, pray, weep, and remember. Not all people are joyful at Christmas. In fact, it can be the most difficult time of the year for many.

    The south entrance is the only entrance to campus. (The north entrance is closed). Go south of Main in Mandan on HYW 6 for about a mile. After crossing the Heart River, take the first right. Stay to the right, and you will see the NDYCC sign. It says "No Trespassing," but you are welcome to come to campus for the service. Park in the main lot and enter the chapel. (You can't miss it). Be sure to lock car doors and keep cell phone and keys in pockets or purses – and please do not take any photos. For info, contact our minister, Rev. Karen Van Fossan, at minister@bismanuu.org or 701.223.6788.


  • AIMS Year-End Party

    Saturday Dec. 29, 2018
    Time: 6PM Doors Open - 7PM- Event Starts 
    Ramada Hotel 1400 Interchange Ave,
    Bismarck, ND 58501 (701) 258-7000

    African Immigrant Services has had a successful year helping African Immigrants assimilate and participate in their community's affairs. AIMS wants to celebrate the successes of African Immigrants in Bismarck-Mandan at the year closes, hence a year end party is appropriate to appreciate each other.

    There will be displays of African Art from various African countries and those interested will share some of their stories of triumph as an African immigrant. There is no fee to attend this event. It is open to the public.


  • CROP Walk for Hunger

    The 2018 Bismarck-Mandan CROPWALK for Hunger raised $7,792.19 to help alleviate hunger related needs locally and throughout the world.  THANK YOU to all who promoted the CROPWALK! THANK YOU to those who participated and contributed to make a difference!  

    CROPWALKS began here in 1969 and next year we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of CROPWALKS!  Please consider helping to plan the 2019 celebration as we work with Church World Service leadership in planning. 

    Call Allison Germolus (400-0053) or Mary Sherer (255-2536) to share your interest in planning the 50th Anniversary of CROPWALK celebration! We NEED your support.


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    Special Announcements

  • Crisis at the Border

    See our Calls to Action - Crisis at the Border page for a letter containing more information and resources regarding Solidarity with All Those Migrating.

    Please continue your steady prayers – and also visit UUSC and Side with Love for more ways we can put our prayers into action. Thank you for your conscience and your heart! Conscience and heart are what it takes to bring needed transformation to this nation.

  • What is Your Prayer for Sacred Waters?

    Take a moment to reflect on how the upwelling of Indigenous-led and community-led movements to protect sacred waters has made an impact on your own perspective and relationship to water. 

    Please write a prayer or meditation, light a candle, and/or perform a ritual prayer for water protectors and the ongoing struggle to protect and restore sacred waters. 

    As you are willing and able given the context and nature of your prayer, please share words, photos, or stories with UU Ministry for Earth.

    Share Your Prayer

  • Our UU Congregation Receives Pickett Award!

    Congratulations, Bismarck-Mandan UU Congregation!

    Our congregation has received a great honor, having been chosen as the 2018 recipient of the O. Eugene Pickett Award from the Unitarian Universalist Association. This award, given annually to a small congregation, recognizes our ongoing solidarity with Indigenous Water Protectors, during the height of the local movement and after the cameras have left. This award came with a gift of $600, which will help cover expenses of the ongoing Water Protector Solidarity Suppers. We do what we do because of our convictions and faith, not with the hope of public recognition. Still, it’s encouraging to know our larger tradition is with us in such a tangibly supportive way.

    If you'd like more information about the Water Protector movement or the Award, please contact our minister, Karen Van Fossan, at 701.223.6788 or minister@bismanuu.org.

  • UU General Assembly Affirms Solidarity with Indigenous Water Protectors

    We are honored to announce that UUs from many nations have affirmed solidarity with Indigenous Water Protectors, through passage of an Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) at this year's General Assembly.

    This AIW honors the Indigenous-led Water Protector movement at Standing Rock & Oceti Sakowin Camp as a prayerful example of resistance to the general crisis of the earth, as well as of the rights of Indigenous peoples to control their own destiny. It calls on UUs to engage in continued education, reflection, and solidarity, especially considering the human rights violations of Indigenous Water Protectors who now face federal imprisonment.

   December 2018   

Upcoming Events



Social Action Working Group
5:15 PM to 7:00 PM


Christmas Eve Service
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM


UU Folk Choir Practice
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM


AIMS Year-End Party
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Movie and Massage
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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