Solidarity with Water Protectors at Standing Rock

Social Action Working Group

From Liz Loos, Social Action Working Group Financial Officer

On Febuary 22, law enforcement began clearing Oceti Sakowin of Water Protectors. Many left willingly; 10 were arrested that day. Law enforcement entered Oceti Sakowin on February 23 and arrested 43 more, including elders and members of the media. Statements from the governor’s office and law enforcement is that it was necessary to prevent an “environmental disaster.” However, camp clean-up by those living in the camp with help from Standing Rock Tribe has been underway since December.  Watch this video made by UU friends/members and Dakota Resource Council members about the real story of the clean-up at Oceti Sakowin.  BisMan UU and DRC organized 2 formal weekends of clean-up at camp before the forced closure. 

Many Water Protectors from Oceti Sakowin went to Sacred Stone Camp, which remains open, though the Bureau of Indian Affairs has said they will close the camp Wednesday March 1.  Members of BisMan UU remain ready to provide support to Water Protectors leaving camp. 

Oceti Sakowin and Sacred Stone Camp Update - February 28

Oceti Sakowin camp closed

FBI terrorism task force investigates Standing Rock Activists

Trump Adminishtration withdraws legal memo that found ample legal grounds to deny easment to Energy Transfer Partners

Planning to visit Standing Rock?

This is not a good time to come to camp. Please show solidarity with Standing Rock by: 

* Hosting Standing Rock Solidarity events in your local area.

* Sharing the story of your experience at camp (if you have one) with local media.

Thank you for your solidarity with Standing Rock and your sensitivity to the needs on the ground right now.

Support Standing Rock!

As the banner at the entrance of our collective home proclaims, the Bismarck-Mandan Unitarian Universalist congregation is "Standing with Standing Rock." As a Lakota nation, Standing Rock peacefully and prayerfully proclaims that water is life and, since September 30, 2014, has asserted that the Dakota Access Pipeline would threaten Lakota ways of life -- past, present, and future. We respect these declarations by Standing Rock, as well as Standing Rock's sovereignty in making them. It is our honor to stand with Standing Rock, our neighbor and our friend.

Are you wondering how you can support the Water Protectors at Standing Rock? There are some great ways you can help!

The Medic and Healer Council continues to provide support to water protectors. You can donate to them at

The Water Protector Legal Collective is the on-the-ground legal support team at Oceti Sakowin. They are committed to supporting the soverign rights of Standing Rock and and to serving the legal needs of those engaged in resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline. You can donate directly to them at

Thank you!