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October 17, 2016, 12:00 AM

Oceti Sakowin Camp & Sacred Stone Camp News Archive

[In 2016 and 2017, this congregation actively worked in solidarity with the efforts of Standing Rock. Below is an archive of news and information sent to members and friends.]

AFL-CIO Consitituency Groups Stand with Standing Rock:

Standing Rock Tribal Chairman David Archambault speaks in Geneva, Switzerland to UN Human Rights Comission:

How can you support Standing Rock? Read this!:

Task Force to investigate clash between Water Protectors and Dakota Access private security September 3, in which dogs were used against Water Protectors:

Clay Jenkinson on Native American Sovereignty:

Museum Officials and Archaeologists Against Dakota Access Pipeline:

Tribes unite against Dakota Access:

Dakota Access Land Purchase of Cannonball Ranch may violate ND's anti-corporate farming law:

Camps' Plans for a Dakota winter:

Twenty-one water protectors arrested Wednesday:

Technology to detect pipeline leaks often fails:

Five things every non-native needs to consider before visiting Standing Rock:

How you can support Standing Rock:

The Power of the Standing Rock Water Protectors:

Rediscovering Native American Roots at Water Protector Camps:

US Court of Appeals Rules Against Standing Rock:

Members of Congress send letter to President Obama to stop DAPL:

Gubanatorial Candidates' Positions on DAPL:

Injunction lifted; work continues on private lands:

27 Arrested on Indigenous Peoples Day:

Five senators call on President Obama to halt Dakota Access Pipeline:

Increased militarization of Law Enforcement: between ND Attorney General & Dakota Access

Not all law enforcement agencies support this militarization:

Ties between ND Attorney General and Dakota Access:

Rolling Stone piece on arrest of Amy Goodman of Democracy Now:

Standing Rock Camps are a city of 4000, with growing infratstructure:

Amy Goodman broadcasts from Morton County , where she has returned to face charges stemming from live reporting of peaceful protest:

Standing Rock Tribal Chairman says talks underway about moving Oceti Sakowin camp to tribally owned land:

National media takes notice of the gathering of hundreds of tribal nations standing together against DAPL:

Water Protectors have International Support:

Judge rejects charges against journalist Amy Goodman:

Some felony charges dropped against Water Protectors:

Excessive reaction by law enforcement: Water Protectors strip-searched, jailed for days on minor charges:

Winona Laduke and Tara Houska on indigenous resistance to DAPL:

The secret strength of Standing Rock:

Protectors arrested on minor charges strip-searched:

Daughter of Sacred Stone Camp Founder arrested, strip-searched and left naked in cell overnight:

Film Crew claims disputed:

Attorney for Civil Liberties Defense Center interviewed about legal and law enforcement in the noDAPL movement:

More than 80 Water Protectors Arrested:

Police beat & pepper spray Water Protectors during prayerful protest:

More than 120 arrested during weekend actions:

Standing Rock Tribal Chairman's statement on weekend arrests:

Citing 1851 Treaty, Water Protectors Expand Frontline on treaty land:

The secret strength of Standing Rock:

What is happening in North Dakota is so fundamentally and so thoroughly un-American (note UU Minister Karen Van Fossan, member Liz Loos & friend Gretchen Bederman in photo at rally):

Militarized Police Cracking Down on Water Protectors:

Video of action on October 22, when 123 Water Protectors were arrested:

More than 140 arrested in miltarized police raid on treaty camp:

Militarized response of law enforcement to occupation of treaty lands:

Standing Rock Tribal Chair asks Department of Justice to investigate use of force against water protectors:

Amy Goodman on why the Standing Rock stand-off is only getting worse:

Why Dakota is the new Keystone:

Native rights and the noDAPL fight:

The injustice of DAPL:

Dakota Access security worker with assault rifle removed from protest area by BIA officers:

Amnesty International & United Nations Sending Observers to Standing Rock Camps: Observers 

Suspicious fire near Oceti Sakowin Camp:

Understanding the Water Protectors by looking at history:

Obama says pipeline could be re-routed:

Clergy gather in support of prayerful movement:

The Standing Rock victory you didn't hear about:

New York Times Editorial: Time to Move the Pipeline:

Why do we punish Dakota pipeline protestors but exonerate the Bundys:

DAPL push to finish the pipeline:

Army Corps of Engineers renews call for DAPL to stop construction:

Rancher that claims livestock killings has history with law enforcement and founder of Sacred Stone Camp:

These maps fill the gaps on DAPL:

Army Corps wants more review and consultation before issuing final permit: and

UN Observers Monitoring Human Rights Abuses:

Burial grounds at center of confrontations is known historical site:

Understanding more about 1851 Treaty relevance in DAPL fight:

Police attack unarmed water protectors with rubber bullets, water cannons and pepper spray:

Water cannons fired at water protectors in freezing temperatures:

UN officials denounce "inhuman" treatment of water protecors:

A few weeks old, but a good resource for contacting people responsible for sending militarized police to Standing Rock:

Army Corps of Engineers issues eviction notice for Oceti Sakowin:

Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Archambault's Statement on Army Corps Decision:

A Dakota's Pipeline Last Stand:

North Dakota officials hope to quell protests with fines:

ND Governor issues evacuation order for Oceti Sakowin:

Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault speaks at public forum sponsored by Dakota Resource Council:

Morton County Sheriff sued for excessive force in dealing with Water Protectors:

The many ways to help Standing Rock:

Army Corps of Engineers Denies Easement to Dakota Access to Cross Lake Oahe:

Decision comes during Interfaith Day of Prayer:

A new way of seeing us, by UU visiting minister Patty WIllis:

Veterns Beg Forgiveness at Standing Rock:

Why the rule of law is a powerful idea for Standing Rock:

Feds withheld key documents from Standing Rock Tribe:

Water Protector who disarmed Dakota Access infiltrator put on Morton County most wanted list:

Standing Rock: Good tidings of great joy:

The conflicts along 1,172 miles of Dakota Access Pipeline:

Indigenous activists at Standing Rock told a deep true story:

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