Charging and Changing Colonialism in our Time

Delivered By
Ronya Hoblit, Liz Anderson, Liz Loos, Karen Van Fossan
Delivered On
May 7, 2017

In support of racial justice and spiritual growth, Black Lives of UU has invited all UU congregations to host a White Supremacy Teach-In. In our local context, colonialism goes hand in hand with white supremacy and is a crucial concept to consider. This Sunday, all are invited to learn and grow together: What is colonialism? How have we lived it in the past, and how are we still living it today? What are the changes we can make now ? What part could this UU congregation take in understanding and standing up the limitations that colonialism creates within our society? Ronya Hoblit will be the speaker, with participation by the rest of the UU General Assembly delegation.

Ronya Hoblit serves as training director for the Native American Training Institute and is a longtime member of our congregation. Her family hails from Martin, SD, and she is a member of the Oglala Lakota nation. 

Ronya, Liz A., Liz L, and Karen all served as our delegation to the 2017 UUA General Assembly.

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