Focusing Through the Lens of Positive Purpose: Reflecting the Light Within You, Back To You

Delivered By
Lea Black
Delivered On
February 5, 2017

Lea will discuss using the art of photography as a tool for social and community impact. Lea will take you on a journey from the seeds of creativity and design planted in childhood, and describe the numerous milestones of breadcrumb clues that lead her on her path to discover her heart’s purpose in photography and her work building connection and understanding in the international community, locally and abroad.

Lea is a mama, photographer, and active community member here in Bismarck. She moved to Bismarck from North Idaho with her family in November 2015 and has been excited to utilize her Interdisciplinary BS from the University of Idaho in International Studies/Nutrition combined with her passion of photography to create her latest and current project, the Human Atlas of Bismarck (HAOB). HAOB is an inclusive photographic portrait of the face of our community, in all its diversity. The cumulative images of individuals in Bismarck combined with brief yet poignant interviews tell a story that connects us all. Lea would love for YOU to be a part of the Atlas featuring your unique story, purpose, and beauty that you bring to our community! Contact Lea at for more information.




'I Am Light' by India Arie      

Music solo sung by Elicia Faul and accompanied on guitar by Jean King.


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