Ingathering: Water Communion

Delivered By
Rev. Elizabeth Sollie
Delivered On
September 6, 2020


Unitarian Universalists have a ritual they practice gathering everyone back together after the summer—it is called Ingathering and often Water Communion is a part of that.  We will be engaging in this ritual on September 6th during our service.  Your part of the ritual is to collect some water from a spot that is sacred to you or water that is meaningful or water that connects you to somebody special.  Since we will not be physically there to mingle our water, we ask that you bring your water to church ahead of time.  There will be a jar on the back porch—you can add your water.  Then on the 6th we will share our stories about the water we brought. Remember that the water cycle is a vast and mighty process and if you forgot to collect the water from your special place, the water out of your tap may have been there at some point anyway.  It’s all good.

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