Living into our 5th Principle

Delivered By
Don Morrison
Delivered On
January 6, 2019

In our 5th UU principle, we affirm both personal conscience and collective, democratic processes. In the words of Rev. Parisa Parsa, “In our religious lives, the democratic process requires trust in the development of each individual conscience—a belief that such development is possible for each of us, as well as a commitment to cultivate our own conscience.” Considering that the oldest known model of participatory democracy in the world comes from Hau de no sau nee people (the Iroquois Confederacy), the roots of democracy are deep on this continent. How do we honor both the person and the collective? Who do we understand the collective to be? What if the collective is more than the sum of all its parts? Join us for the last service in the Seven Principles series, as we consider these questions in the context of our faith and our convictions.

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