Loving Mother/Grandmother Earth

Delivered By
Rev. Karen Van Fossan, Ronya Galligo-Hoblit, Mary Wilson
Delivered On
May 12, 2019

Inspired by Lakota and Wiccan traditions, this service will honor Mother/Grandmother Earth through music, words, ritual, and shared practice. The first Mother's Day was dedicated to peace and nonviolence, and today's services will invite the embodiment of peace within and among us. Karen and Ronya are beloved writers and mental health practitioners who bring years of experience creating spaces of healing and beauty. 

Video version: https://youtu.be/aUWVvoP-6JI

We are Grateful for:

  • Laughter and Silliness
  • Birdsong
  • Getting to know the prairie
  • Beatrice Ramdhani
  • A big smile, warm sun, child’s cry, a gentle wind all touching me
  • Kittens, my husband, love, Life
  • The females in my life
  • Inner peace
  • Amazing Friends
  • Help and Wisdom from Karen
  • Your love and support
  • Wisdom
  • My partner in life…Ken
  • Feeding hungry people that have no money or place to live
  • Community
  • Grandmothers available to raise grandsons    
  • From my mother, music and singing to my children
  • The source of life, which lives within me and you
  • Love isn’t so pure and innocent as we idealized when we were children.
  • Yet as adults we’ve learned that it does endure, and that it does grow.
  • Since a new door has opened, I can feel light, happiness and love flowing toward me.
  • Experience in nature has taught me to not be afraid of spiders or snakes, much to the 
  • disappointment of those who try to scare me.
  • The gift of Forgiveness, self and others
  • Love is patient and kind
  • Breath