Delivered By
Heidi Demars
Delivered On
May 21, 2017

Heidi will discuss living with intention and how a practice in mindfulness can help us cultivate compassion, empathy, and to build inner-strength and resiliency. Mindfulness will transform our classrooms, workplaces and communities into more compassionate, inclusive, cooperative spaces.

Heidi Demars is an Occupational Therapist, Certified Nonprofit professional, and founder of Mindful You Mindful Me, a consulting practice dedicated to teaching mindfulness and meditation to children, educators, and organizations. Heidi was the recipient of a 2-year Leadership Fellowship with the Bush Foundation for her work developing the BisMan Food Co-op and was featured as a 2016 TEDx speaker for her work with Heart-Centered Authentic Leadership. This program is part of our “Summer Mindfulness Series,” featuring Jeffon Seely and Angie Kambeitz during the summer.