Delivered By
Vinod and Aruna Seth
Delivered On
October 2, 2016

Twenty-two days after 9/11 this beautiful peace pole with " May Peace Prevail on Earth" in multiple languages in the front lawn of our Fellowship was dedicated jointly with the Gandhi Peace network in a celebration that brought together our whole community for peace at a difficult time.

We will together rededicate ourselves to peace in a simple ceremony.

Aruna and Vinod Seth will share the story of the ND Peace Garden visit where their family saw a Japanese delegation from Hiroshima dedicating a Peace Pole there. The ever curious Aruna followed up on that and voila we now have 8 other Peace Poles  dedicated in Bismarck since that first one in 2001. They will share as well the story of the October Peace month activities including the Gandhi Peace dinner, A Pack the Pantry for Peace and the two-weeks of Peace Activities at each of the schools where the peace poles have been dedicated over these years. At its peak in 2004 Peace activities were held during October in Fargo, Minot and Dickinson.

Both have been active with Aruna serving on the Board and in social justice actions over the last 23 years. They moved to Bismarck from St. Louis and after three years to the desert of Bismarck found a joyous liberal home at our fellowship and have felt very welcome since.

They founded the Gandhi Peace Network in 2001 after many years of Gandhi Peace Dinners at the Green Earth Café which many of you have enjoyed over the years.

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