This I Believe: This I Do

Delivered By
Liz Loos and Dennis Lyon
Delivered On
January 15, 2017

As UUs, we hold a belief in 7 Principles and the sentiment that what we do while here on Earth matters. In this popular service format, Liz and Dennis will share their spiritual journeys and how they live our UU principles.

Liz Loos moved from Louisiana to Bismarck in July of 2013 with her husband Frank and son Gus. She spent 7 years in social work, and with her PhD in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology, later worked as Research Director for Delta Waterfowl Foundation and taught at Louisiana State University. Liz now works for Dakota Resource Council. Dennis Lyon has worked as a fry cook at the A&W Drive-In, a sailor, the doorman at Minot’s American Legion Club, a jailor, a prison guard, and then 38 years in human services with the last 15 years as a client advocate for clients of Vocational Rehabilitation. Dennis is married to Susan and they have 2 adult children and one grandson.