This I Believe; This I Do

Delivered By
Jim Lennington and Liz Anderson
Delivered On
March 26, 2017

As UUs, we hold a belief in 7 Principles and the sentiment that what we do while here on Earth matters. In this popular service format, UU members will share their spiritual journeys and how they live our UU principles. 

Bis-Man UU member since 1998, Jim Lennington has served on the Board and one term as president. Jim was raised UCC and is the son of a minister. Jim considers himself a North Dakota native and is a civil engineer from NDSU and the University of Minnesota. Jim and his wife, Barb have lived in Bismarck since May of 1988.

Rev. Fred Small, an American singer-songwriter and visiting UU minister to our church, sings his song, 'Everything Possible'.

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