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Nola Demars, Quinn Hathaway, Owen Piehl
Delivered On
November 9, 2014
This I Believe

Text Box: Sunday, November 9 
This I believe—youth style
Owen Piehl, Nola Demars and Quinn Hathaway

As UUs, we hold a belief in 7 Principles and the sentiment that what we do while here on Earth matters. Today, we will spin this popular service format a bit differently and hear three young people, who have grown together in our Religious Education Program, share their thoughts on spirituality and how they live our UU principles.

Nola, a 6th grader at Horizon Middle School, loves painting, animals, basketball, music, and spending time with her friends. She is a free spirit and has a big heart.

Quinn will be 13 this month. He is one of the most compassionate people there is. This will be Quinn’s last opportunity to speak before the congregation as he is moving to NY at the end of the month.

Owen is an 8th grader at Mandan Middle School who frequently draws on his UU upbringing in conversations and debates. He plays football, baseball, guitar and euphonium, and is involved in theater.